Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ignorance Must Be Blissful, Jim

Wait! Wait! Don't touch that dial! Breaking news just in to our databanks.....Jim McKenna, Co-Chair of the Arsenal's Restoration Advisory Board and DoD employee, tells citizens concerned about toxins released to the air from the Open Burning Ground (OBG) that there is no way to measure air quality around the OBG. This is a novel perspective given that the permit modification being proposed to allow BAE to burn more hexavalent chromium than the permit allows them to do now will be reviewed in light of risk assessment data. This point of fact seemed to be a foreign concept to the man who runs the community involvement meetings. If he doesn't believe the level of toxic exposure from air emissions created in the open burning of hazardous waste can be measured, why is he so sure it's safe for the children downwind to be breathing?

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