Saturday, February 1, 2014

Oversight of EPA Enforcement Falls to Congressman Griffith

You might wonder, if this Radford Ammo Plant really is shitting all over the New River Valley, where's the proof? Who else says it's all that bad? The Richmond School of Law, has released a report imploring our lawmakers to protect us from toxins. Whose listening? NOT Congressman Griffith, who sits on the House Committee with oversight of EPA enforcement, yet has taken no action on EPA's scathing inspection of RAAP from May of 2011. That's right - nearly three years ago EPA found numerous, major violations at RAAP and published them in an inspection report. Congressman Griffith's office read the report and decided not to ask EPA why there has been no subsequent enforcement. In the mean time, RAAP under the management of BAE Systems continues to spew poison into our air and water with impunity.  Those visible emissions aren't steam, folks - and since no one monitors our air quality in Montgomery or Pulaski County, we are at the mercy of the polluter to report their own violations! In fact, the Radford Arsenal's Clean Air Act status has been in what EPA calls a Significant Violation status for 7 of the last 12 quarters. Even with all this documentation that his constituents are being subjected to the mother load of toxins in Virginia, Congressman Griffith has not asked EPA what that means for the babies breathing around the plant or why the inspection results are  listed as "to be determined" three years later. Why is this for profit company benefiting from federal tax dollars while subverting environmental law? Why is our Congressman failing in his duty to provide oversight of EPA on behalf of his constituents? Equally important, why has Senator Warner's office failed to respond to citizen petitions and concerns about RAAP and the lack of oversight in the House?

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