Monday, May 12, 2014

Fourth Estate Steps In at Radford Army Ammunition Plant

The latest BAE Systems/U.S. Army meeting on May 8th, 2014 was another example of the hubris and callous disregard afforded to our Appalachian community in Southwestern Virginia - the New River Valley. Representatives of the U.S. Army's Joint Munitions Command had the gall to tell assembled concerned citizens that ambient air quality monitoring in the "fall out zone" for the Open Air Burning Ground was not an accurate way to gage our exposure. Rob Davie's exact words were, "It's the lease accurate way to determine what is happening…Ambient air quality monitoring is suspect." Really? What's suspect here is how this EPA designated Federal Facility is being allowed to poison the surrounding community without any oversight. Perhaps this story in the Washington Post has something to do with their ability to "cloak" the truth…

At long last, a local NEWS station has taken the time to research - yes, do investigative journalism - about what the heck is going on at the Radford Arsenal. PLEASE MAKE TIME TO WATCH WDBJ7 at 6PM on Monday MAY 12th for a peak under the curtain. Congressman Morgan Griffith, who sits on House Committees with responsibility for oversight of EPA RCRA facilities will explain his inaction….

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